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Hot Stuff by Lucretia Torva

Creativity and Sex

These two go hand in hand! “Our sexual energy is our creative, life-force energy. Through it, we give birth to new life. That life may be children and it may be new ideas and projects.” This quote comes from an article titled Sexual Energy and Creative Genius. The heat and passion of sex is very similar to […]

Ferrari Logo form painting by Lucretia Torva

Sex and Creativity

“The Mystery of Sex Transmutation”, this seems to be the forgotten chapter of Napoleon Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich. He writes of sex being a driving force of creativity and success. Sexual energy is the strongest stimulus we experience. The mistake made is that we let it remain only physical instead of “transmuting” […]

Drawing of Reclining Nude Woman

Nude or Naked?

Why are we so uncomfortable naked? I am thinking of engaging in more clothing optional events. The funny thing about NOT being naked all the time, it makes being naked uncomfortable yet sensual and overly exciting. Nudity is so stimulating when we don’t experience it often. It screams SEX! The human figure is very compelling […]

"Pulling Strings" by Lucretia Torva


“I was forced to ask if I could relate to Torva in her brazen approach to sex.”  This is a quote from a review through my publicist at Smith Publicity. What does “brazen” mean? Is this a negative or positive comment…at least from my point of view! adj.: bold and without shame. verb.: endure an embarrassing or […]

Lucretia Torva and her Paintings

What is Sexy?

What makes you feel empowered and self-assured? That’s sexy. What makes you overflow with passion and excitement? That’s sexy. Have you ever watched  how someone with a lot of charisma handles a room? That’s sexy. What can you do to empower yourself to walk this world with confidence? That is what makes you sexy. Confidence […]


No Butts About it…

..My newest interest is reading everything about Sex-Positive concepts. I am Positive that I am Sex Positive: “8 Ways To Be Positive You’re Sex Positive.”  My experience has shown me that my confidence and self-esteem are linked to my sexual health. Sex Positive does NOT mean promiscuous! Unless, of course, that is something you enjoy. […]