Pornographic…or not?

Drawing by Lucretia Torva

Pornographic…or not?

It is said that “perception” is everything. I was shocked recently to read about a case of censorship:  “How is this Painting Pornographic and Disgusting?”  Considering “entertainment” the likes of Miley Cyrus, how can this painting be deemed pornographic? A skilled painting depicting an aspect of a woman’s character seems more instructive and compelling than “dirty”.

I have been viewing nudity in art my whole life. Nudity is, of course, our natural state.  The bare human figure is a wonderfully expressive subject….oh, but please don’t show any pubic hair!? The fact that an image like this has to be managed and removed in consideration of “vulnerable adults” speaks to our continued inability to accept ourselves as the humans we are. It would have been a little annoying if it was moved from a high traffic area to an more discreet location, but total removal? How medieval.

As long as pesky puritanical ideas about nudity and sex prevail, we will continue to suffer as a society. We will suffer from guilt, shame, confusion, lack of self awareness. Shaming us for who we are, in all our glory, is counter productive. Humans are amazing, fascinating, potentially expressive creatures. Let’s allow us to be all that we can be without artificial and judgmental restraints.



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