Hunter S. Thompson advocating insanity


Hunter S. Thompson quote: “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” What does this mean? Why would he say this? I believe he’s talking about living a full and creative life. It takes stimulation to push us into new areas, to explore different activities, to create new things.

I’d add sex to that quote, and make sure the “violence” is all consensual! How can we stimulate ourselves to lead a passionate and exciting life, without doing damage to our minds and bodies? That’s a good question. I ask myself this regularly because I often feel the need for speed or something unusual.

I’ve jumped out of a plane a couple times. When I owned one, I rode my motorcycle over 100 on the highway. I completely understand the need for stimulation. We all have to figure out what does it for us, while staying relatively safe and healthy. It’s a weird conundrum. I want almost dangerous stimulation yet I want to live a long time!

Recognizing this is important. I find I can get some relief from my fast car instead of a motorcycle. I can get stimulated and energized by meeting new people, by going new places…oh, and sex.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation propels you forward and takes you out of that stagnant comfort zone. Go for it!

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