Sex and Creativity

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Sex and Creativity

“The Mystery of Sex Transmutation”, this seems to be the forgotten chapter of Napoleon Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich. He writes of sex being a driving force of creativity and success. Sexual energy is the strongest stimulus we experience. The mistake made is that we let it remain only physical instead of “transmuting” it to other actions. If we only¬†chase the actual experience of sex, we miss out on channeling the energy for creative expression in all forms. I wrote my book, Sex: The Punctuation Mark of Life, to express the physical activity of sex, always exciting. I know I have engaged in sexual activities simply for the experience, simply for the real sex story itself. When I have been open to the energatic and spiritual power of sex, I feel energized and ready to create.

History is full of successful statesmen, inventors, artists, writers who had a strong sexual expression AND were able to channel the energy into their creative efforts. So……in my open discussion of sex, I am not just supporting promiscuity. I encourage conscious though about your sexuality. Expressing your sexuality with self-knowledge, confidence and empathy means you are a positive contribution to this world.

When we are all more open to our sexual, creative and healing energy, there will be less violent expressions of sexual desire. Love yourself and be kind to yourself, then you will spread that attitude to others!

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