"Pulling Strings" by Lucretia Torva


“I was forced to ask if I could relate to Torva in her brazen approach to sex.”  This is a quote from a review through my publicist at Smith Publicity. What does “brazen” mean? Is this a negative or positive comment…at least from my point of view!

adj.: bold and without shame.

verb.: endure an embarrassing or difficult situation by behaving with apparent confidence and lack of shame.

Well, I’d say “brazen” is a compliment! I would definitely feel shame for a lot of actions, such as keying someone’s car, stealing candy from a child, doing shoddy work for one of my art clients. Feeling shame for writing and talking about some of my sexual experiences is  not going to happen. Sex is natural and entirely normal between consenting adults…who cares?

Love yourself, then love others. You are here for a short time. Enjoy yourself and spread that enjoyment around!


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