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This book was born of both frustration and joy. The frustration is due to the pervasive fantastical view of sex in our culture. It does neither men nor women any favors to make sex live up to unrealistic expectations of handsome, heroic men and gorgeous women all performing perfectly. The joy comes from that warm, satiated feeling I receive from a good romp. I feel alive and creative and also happy to have brought some pleasure to someone else.

The stories are arranged chronologically, yet each one stands alone as a complete experience. They are all told in the first person so as to viscerally engage the reader. You are with me, in my head and my body! Experience my learning new aspects of sex. Experience me as a young woman with an older man. Experience me as a mature woman in her 40’s with a younger man. Experience my experimentation with multiple partners including other women. I include a lot of personal observations and I share my self-talk, which, of course is laced with my favorite naughty words.

Beyond the entertainment value of these stories, I aim to encourage people to enjoy each other and enjoy being physical. Leave the guilt behind, love yourself and be happy.

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About The Author

lucretiaLucretia Torva is from the Corn Belt. Born in Peoria, IL in 1957, she was fortunate to have a father who worked for Caterpillar Tractor Co. Why? The entire family was sent overseas. So, Lucretia began her education and happy childhood in Glasgow, Scotland and Grenoble, France. What better way to foster a creative imagination and an open mind than to travel, visiting some of the greatest museums and architectural sites in Europe.

Back in the Heartland of the US of A, Lucretia went on to higher education at the University of Illinois in Champaign. She completed both her BFA and MFA in Art, concentrating in Painting, graduating in 1982. She also started and finished her first marriage.

Lucretia secured her first, full-time teaching position at a small liberal arts college in WV in 1983. Teaching both studio and lecture classes, she stayed for four years, also met and married her second husband. She continued to grow her art career by exhibiting and creating new art.

Upon leaving full-time teaching in 1987, Lucretia’s life held many different experiences: learning to drive a Big Rig, having two babies, moving to Arizona, living in a trailer while her husband went to school. All the while, she makes art as she can. Then it’s working at a dry cleaners, moving to Phoenix, moving to St Louis, a job selling computers, back to Arizona, another full-time teaching position and a divorce.

A turning point in Lucretia’s life came in May 2000. She ventured into the uncertainty of being self-employed, convinced she could make a living painting murals. Fourteen years later, she was not wrong, she just had no idea of the length and many turns of the path to get there. The path included a huge learning curve at doing business, a bunch of items crossed off her SBL (Sex Bucket List), numerous attempts at MLMs, lots of personal and business development courses, a bankruptcy and eventually, a professional art career.

Lucretia is now known for her paintings of fine automobiles. She also specializes in painting portraits of people and has combined the two by creating paintings of people with their cars. You may see her art at www.TorvaFineArt.com.


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